Title Searches

Checks the Current owner only for any outstanding liens, such as mortgages, IRS liens, Judgments, Home Improvement liens.  If a lien is paid off, it will not be included in the Title Search results.

IRS Lien Reports

Checks to verify if an outstanding unpaid IRS Liens have been filed against any of the owners, directly or indirectly, that may effect the property.

Probate Search

Checks to verify if any of the owners, heirs or an Estate’s representative, has filed a probate case, which includes any evidence which owner may have passed away, and any possible heirs, or wills or the final disposition of the Estate’s title, or if it was conveyed by court order to any other party.

Bankruptcy Search

Checks to verify if any of the owners have filed Bankruptcy, and if the case is active or closed.

Title Reports

Has a complete recent history and checks for all outstanding and paid liens, mortgages, IRS liens, Judgments, City Repair Liens, All Assignments of the primary mortgage (or junior mortgage, upon request) for the past 2 to 3 owners or over the past 20 to 50 years, on a case by case basis.

Judgment Reports

Researches any Civil, or Criminal Judgments or fines assessed against any of the owners or the subject property that are recorded in the real property records and attaching directly to any property subject to the judgment. 

Property Tax Status

Checks and obtains all of the Outstanding or Paid Current or Delinquent Property Taxes and obtaining copies of any and all taxing jurisdications, joint or separate property tax statements.

Last Deed Reports

Checks who is the owner who has the last deed of record. Copies available upon request.

Civil Lawsuit Search

Researches any Active or Closed Civil Cases filed in Court against any of the owners or the subject property that may or may not be recorded in the real property records and attaching directly to any property subject to the judgment. Includes current status of Open or Closed, or Dismissed along with any final judgment amounts or case disposition.

HOA Association Declarations

Checks for and Retrieves the Homeowners Association (HOA) Declarations, in order to determine if the Declaration or by laws show if any delinquent HOA dues, fines or judgments, are either superior or inferior lien position to the purchase mortgage.

Our Title Search Packages

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Richard Cinta and the New Horizon Resources team quickly became an indispensable
part of my practice. Between contractor liens, asset searches, and post judgment collection issues, our need for a properly researched title report is essential. And given that litigators wait until the last minute to do anything (can productivity exist outside of a crises?), Richard’s ability to dependably & promptly deliver accurate title searches is critical to our own ability to do a great job for our clients. I do not recall what we did before we began working with New Horizon Resources. But I know that there is no going back now. Thank you, Richard, for the good work you & your team do.

Daniel J. Goldberg, The Goldberg Law Office